Mercedes CLS 350 CDI

For their latest project Hannover-based tuner Fostla decided to work on a car that was one day the darling of all tuners the world over. It is the Mercedes CLS, the car that invented the four-door coupe niche and spawned a lot of copy cats.

For this program Fostla has picked Mercedes CLS 350 CDI diesel. They have given the car a thorough upgrade package including exterior, wheels and tires, suspension and engine.

Let’s begin with the latter, the engine, which frankly was in need of a power upgrade. The standard 350 CDI unit comes in with 265 hp and 620 Nm of torque and leaves the workshop packing 310 hp and 700 Nm. That’s achieved through the use of PP-Performance engine management software.

Turning to the chassis, Fostla hooked up the Mercedes CLS with a lowering module and put a set of 20-inch CVT-rims from Vossen under it. Then began the visual treatment, including installation of a Prior Design aero kit and wrapping it in a special matte gold, accented with red. The wheels too are powder coasted in brighter shade of matte gold.





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